Saturday, August 05, 2006

Night Visitor

Sharron was covered in sweat,and trembling with need.He had created this need inside her, her dreams were becomming more real each night.With every touch and every sigh of his breath against her skin,she craved more.Everything about him was etched into her mind, and she doughted if she would ever forget any detail.He was perfection; quite nearly eddible actualy. Just thinking about him made her lick her lips hungrly.He had curly, jet black hair and the most vivid, blue eyes she had ever seen. Sometimes they almost seemed to to glow,oh and then there was his lips thick curving, sumpuously pouty.Any woman would sell her soul for those lips!She glanced at her clock it was four minutes past midnight she needed to fall asleep.She sighed perhaps her mind had created him out of sheer nacesity because she sure as hell wasn't getting any sex in her real life! For a while she had reveled in the errotic dreams waking each time covered in sweat with a sopping wet pussy wet,and a silly grin. It would have been great to just go on pretending her dreams were just better than everyone else's.After all; if you had the perfect man in your dreams ,why go through that great dating game we humans play out all over world.Sounds wonerful right? Till one morning she woke naked, with her clothes folded neatly at the foot of the bed.Now experts might say it was all in her head,but then she didnt have a neat bone in her body,nope she had not folded those clothes. Making things much worse she stumbled into the bathroom and stared at her reflection, she looked overly pale and her eyes seemed larger than normal,but what made her decide to call in sick and stay in bed for the rest of the day eating cookies and ice cream was the red bight mark jjust above the swell of her left breast.
Shannon looked over at the clock again,only 4 more minutes had past,okay maybe it was time to count some sheep or something ,who knows paybe perfect dream dude would not invade her mind tonight.Who was she kidding she wanted him right here this minute and in every single orafice she had!

"Sharron" A low whispered voice right next to her ear made her jump.God help her she could feel his hot breath on her neck.

"Have you missed me Sharron" I slowly turned,he was on his knees beside her bed.
Sharron squeezed her eyes shut counted to five and then opened them a little,he was still there and with a dopy grin splitting his face to boot!
"Nope,no your not here,I havnt gone to sleep yet,and I have not counted a single sheep,so I am deffinatly still awake! she shouted at him. So saying she closed her eyes and demanded "go away you are not real" he was laughing before her eyes snapped open.His laughter died down and he got wonded look on his face.
"What about this Shannon" He held her chin in one hand not allowing her to break eye contact as the other hand slowly slid up her thigh to the juncture of her legs.She couldnt look away, her breath hitched in the back of her throte. She knew exactly what he was about to find,she tried to squeez her legs togeather but he didnt allow it she was firmly held in place.His fingers delved lightly into her at the same time he rann his index finger over the little nubbin she had already been wet now she gushed again; all over his hand.He pulled his hand from between her legs then held it up in front of her rubbing the slick wettness into his fingers.

"Is this real enough Shannon?" His voice sounded strained he could have started a fire with the heated desire comming from his eyes! She cought her breath and lifted a shaking hand to his face his eyes were deffinetly glowing!
He turned away from her as though hiding,ran his fingers roughly through his curly locks leaving them messy.


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